Carpet Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning ensures:-

  • Increased life expectancy – this eliminates many problems that can lead to carpets and furnishings needing to be replaced and saving you money.
  • Hygienic environment. The removal of general dust and soil debris – giving a better living condition for those who suffer from asthma.
  • Stain Removal. Helping to remove those unwanted stubborn stains and dry spillage's.
  • Appearance.  Your carpets/furnishings may be old in age but can often look like new following a professional clean.
  • Bacteria and mites.  Reducing the risk allergy and mould .
  • Deodorization. Most nasty unwanted odors can be removed with professional cleaning and we can offer you specialist treatments and solutions to ensure a fresh and clean looking furnishings and carpets

We are often asked many questions about the cleaning process, but a common one is “How long with my carpet/furniture take to dry and how soon can I walk on it”.

Answer:  The drying time can impact on many things, including the level of soiling, how much water was required, the weather conditions, atmospheric conditions inside the home etc.  In most instances, the carpets and furnishings will be dry within 6-8 hours. If the drying time is a concern to you, please mention this and we will be able to advice on how these can be expedient by using some special techniques and equipment.  Please note: there is sometimes an extra charge for this service.